Food Ideas for 1-Year-Old Babies
There’s you should not stress about preparing special food for your twelve months old. Long lasting rest of your family eats may be eaten by them too. You only have to take time to avoid just as much salt in the food as possible. Obviously, this does exclude most takeaway and restaurant food, as they generally contain a lot of salt.

1. Cereal
All-time classic! Cereals like flaked corn soften with milk and are an easy task to digest. Try to have whole-grain cereal, around possible.

2. Cucumber
Cut up cucumbers really are a rejuvenating snack any moment of the day. For your baby’s ease, the best way to cut them is lengthwise, making “cucumber-sticks” shaped like French fries. If it’s a warm summer day, a couple of cucumbers can certainly prevent dehydration.

3. Dal
Dal is set with protein, which helps in muscle development. Dal curry could be eaten with rice or chapatti and it doesn’t have a solid flavour. Make sure to cut up the chapatti into little nibble size pieces.


4. Vegetable Soup
That is an easy task to feed your one-year-old and it offers the goodness of all of the vegetables you add it. For example, carrot soup will be great for the eyes, and potatoes contain fibre.

5. Soya
Soya granules are quickly learning to be a standard substitute supply of protein for pure vegetarians. The soft texture it becomes after cooking makes it a great food choice for babies.

6. Paranthas
A regular food for the household that may easily be eaten by the child, too. The stuffing of vegetables or paneer causes it to be a balanced meal.

7. Chicken
Be careful to purchase organic chicken, or chicken that is certified to be without any hormonal treatments. Overcooking the chicken to create it softer is advisable for the toddler. Also, avoid strongly spicy flavourings, and tear the cooked meat into tiny bits, removing the bones when you feed it to your child.

8. Fish
When preparing fish, remember that frying it helps it be lose lots of its nutritional value, rather than using it in a curry. Like chicken, and indeed, much more, be very carefu to tear off the meat and ensure no bones remain, before you feed your child with it. Even the fine bones present in sea fish will get stuck in a toddler’s throat.

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